What’s a Gel nails?

What is a Gel nails by Tokyo Nail ManiaGel nails are nails finished by coating thickened syrup like liquid and hardened by curing under a LED or UV light.

Until a decade ago, having nails done meant mainly using acrylic* nail polish.
With the introduction of soft gel about 10 years ago, gel nails saw a big rise in popularity and have become mainstream.

Gel nails have taken the main spot for treatment in nail salons in Japan, pushing away acrylic.

*Acrylic creates lengthy nails by placing a mix of acrylic liquid and acrylic power. Open treatment, there is usually an acrylic-specific irritating smell. (Depending on the individual)

Gel nails have crystal clear, brilliant transparency, and a natural finish complementing real nails. There are many varieties of colors, produce great coloring, and have beautiful luster with transparent feeling lasting a long time. (2 to 4 weeks, average 3 weeks depending on the individual)

Not needing to be reapplied frequently and less wearing from the nail tips like nail polish (as the nails are cured through coating) are the main benefits of gel nails. Also, gels are cured by light so you don’t have to wait like nail polish to dry. You can quickly continue your daily routines after curing gel nails.

As our salon uses LED lights, making curing times drastically faster compared to UV lights. Also, with previous UV lights, there were chances of sun burns to the fingertips, however this is not an issue with LED lights.

As the nails become strengthened for a fixed time due to the coating of the gel, those with thin or brittle nails can apply to protect and reinforce the nails; not only as fashion but for professions that use fingernails. (Guitarist, pianist, baseball pitchers etc…)

If you have small nails due to nail biting or cutting too deep, you can still re-gain healthy nails by protecting your nails for a certain period of time with the gel nails, while monitoring the growth of your nails. (Consider about 3-6 months on an ongoing basis with the pace of once every 2 week to 3 weeks.)

We are able to grow nail bed! (The pink portion which covers most of your nails) It’s never too late, please contact us before giving up.



About lifting


What is a Gel nails by Tokyo Nail ManiaGel does not last a long time when the fingertips and nails are always dry. Also, no matter how beautiful the nail design is, it will not look good on dry fingers. Please keep in mind consistent care using cuticle oil or hand cream.

Loose skin (dead skin cells) coming out from the base of the nail is a cause that prevents the beautiful finish of the nail. Moisturizing frequently has the effect to slow the keratinization.


In addition, hand dryers installed in toilets can also cause drying of the hands and nails. The trick for long-lasting gel nails is to wipe the moisture off with a towel or handkerchief as much as possible when you wash your hands, then moisturize with hand cream.



Leaving hands wet and allowing nails to stay wrinkly is one of the reasons gel lifts from the nails.

When handling water to work, wear rubber gloves and keep in mind not to leave hands wet. When washing the dishes, care your hands at the same time by applying hand cream before putting rubber gloves on and using hot water. Those who go to hot yoga or the sauna frequently have the tendency for lift to occur. (Only a tendency, and does not apply to all individuals)


Thin nails

Strong forces are applied more then you think to fingertips and nails in daily life. Thin nails are soft and pliable, so gel applied tend to easily lift. Our salon conducts treatment for thin nails, but only to help reinforce the nails. First, please consider a good diet with balanced protein, iron, and various vitamin intakes to strengthen nails from the inside. Let’s grow and promote the blood circulation by massaging the cuticles around the nails for a further healthy shine of the nails from within. We provide guidance and advice on massages.


Nails are an appendage of the skin, similar to our hair. We go to the hair salon for treatment and aftercare after getting a perm or color. Gel nails are the same thing.


By paying a little attention to daily habits and care, gel nails can last a week longer. Please try to keep this in mind.